Saturday, March 10, 2012

New kicks

Today was my day off and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

Snoozing and playing with the kiddos in bed.  They like to pretend the floor is water and our bed is a boat.  It makes for lots of sneaking in hugs and kisses on my boys.  Neither one of them are cuddlers so I have to sneak it in as I can.  I knew I needed to get out and about to get some movement in today though.  We joked around about pawning the boys off on someone.  A. called his Mama (grandparents on hubbys side are Mama and Pappa) but she was at the baptism for the boys newest cousin. :X Whoops, I kinda forgot about that.  They didn't expect me there though so it worked out.  The last two times I have gone to church were for my own children's baptisms and they all know that. They try every once and a while and I tell them no.  That one of the great things about being an adult is that I CAN say no. :)  Thankfully my inlaws are pretty understanding about my lack of religion. I am pretty positive they pray for me as a matter of fact. LOL   I have beliefs- they are just different than theirs and I keep them to myself.

 A. called my older brother but he didn't answer.  I ended up texting him that A. wanted to come over to his house.  He replied "bring him"  I texted him back that he would be bringing his younger brother too so that we could have date night. He said "ok"   I think you can imagine the speed that we all got ready in.  Haha! We spent a few minutes with my brother after dropping off the kids.  We were trying to decide on a nice place to go.  We ended up going to a place on the NE side of town.  It only ended up being like a mile or so from my brothers house.  Dinner was good and it was nice to be in a grown up place.  We did not see one child there until we were almost leaving.  I couldn't even imagine trying to take B there.  In his almost 4 yr old-ness he is always a squirmy little worm in a chair. After dinner we decided now might be a good time to run up and look at new shoes for me.  Since it would be way easier to try to shoe shop at Dick's sans kids.  I called my bro to make sure it was ok and he said it was.

Almost two hours later the bench I was trying on shoes on looked like this.

With each pair I put on I would walk around the little track they have on the floor in the shoe area then run as well to see how they felt. I liked the purple ones on the left a lot but they were better for walking than running for me I felt. Nike Free Run +2 in grape.  Then the Nike Lunarglides were my next choice in the matter.  I liked a lot of shoes I tried on but I wasn't in love with any. I have high arches and most of the time I feel like they are not supported well in these kinds of shoes.  I was trying to explain to the sales rep and hubby how I feel like the shoe is flat in the arch area and that my arches are just totally unsupported and feel stressed like that.

See the my poor little arches just all unhappy unsupported!

The Nikes seemed to have a bit more arch support for me which is why I was heading towards them.  Then I happened to ask the rep what the most cushy shoe is that they have.  He said the Nike Lunarglide (which I had on) or the Reebok ZipFlys. It was right at closing time by that point and he skedaddled to find me shoes in a 7.5.  He came back with 8's and said that was the smallest.  The were tight and narrow seeming in the middle of the shoe but opened up in the toe box.  The tightness made me feel as my arches where not floating in space so that was nice.  I took a few steps and a light jog and they seemed nice.  Then hubby asked about the return policy and I decided to just go with these as they seemed like they would do well for walking and running.  They were on sale and we decided while I liked the Nike Free Run it might be better to start with a cheaper pair (sale $69) and I could look at the Free Runs online if I really wanted them later.

My new kicks!

Some of those shoes were a mission to get off and on.  I was joking that it was a workout in itself trying to make the ones that don't have tongues fit on. They had laces so you could tighten them but I felt more like I was trying on a boat shoe with the bootie type feeling of a few. This upload is from just after 11pm and you can see my spikes from 7:30pm till 9:30pm.   Now as usual I am up way to late and it is bedtime. Good night!


  1. I hope the shoes work out for you. I have high arches too and have a hard time finding running shoes that feel good. I always have good luck with adidas and they are usually a little cheaper. But hopefully you found a good pair. Kudos on your journey. :)

  2. I got a new ipod nano thats all set for nike + and I'm so tempted to get some.... but then theres that whole "Karen can't run" thing sooooo it would be silly :/

  3. I heard the lunarglides are excellent for cross training stuff ... currently sporting NB minimus (the 'barefoot' feel) but realize I do need to have more support when Im NOT running. Dicks just opened up by us last week and I've got TWO $10 off $20 coupons in my purse ... and something else too I think? Need to maybe stop in and check them out ... by the way, it seems that either my feet have gotten bigger OR shoes are running a tad smaller?

  4. Are those the ones that have the vibram logo on them? Yes I know I can just google but I am lazy, k. LOL I am not sure. I do know that I wear a half size larger in running shoes than sandals. Hubby (who is a daily runner) always says to make sure you have extra room as feet swell when running. Ohh have fun with the coupons! I am sure you can do some damage with those coupons.


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