Saturday, March 3, 2012

What is your calories burned goal?

Here are my screen shots for the last three days.

My GoWear fit says that I burn 1.2 calories per minute just breathing.

I didn't put the GWF on till later in the evening so most of my burn for that day is what they say I burned plus the few hours I had it on being a sloth.

First full day wearing the GWF for 24 hours (minus the few minutes for upload)  I also realized a way to rig my armband.  Since my sister hijacked all my cute duct tape (like my Hello Kitty roll) I used some pink my coworker had.  I just took like a two inch strip and cut it in half.  Then I wrapped the halves around the fastener part going opposite ways.  I cannot adjust it now but really the band is stretchy so that is fine.  I will re-adjust later or just buy a new one.  Free fix!  Yeahhhh!  I tried logging my calories for the day.  I feel really clunky trying to use the logging tool.

This was Saturdays that I uploaded at just after midnight. I worked a full day today and uploaded when I got home.  My steps were only at 19xx so I put it right back on and tried to move a little more.  I tried to upload again at 11:52pm and I was 10 calories away from my burn goal so I threw it back on and walked in place to reach it.  LOL

If you have a bugg or a GWF what do you have your calorie burn goal set at?  How many calories does it say you burn a minute?  

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  1. My calorie burn goal is set at 1960. But I average a 2850 burn on a daily basis.

    When I'm at rest, being a sloth (haha!), it reads 1.3 cals per minute.

    Sometimes, I look at my stats and feel like a total tool. Other times, I look at them and feel like I'm Superwoman. LOL!!!!


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