Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bye bye vacay

I have to return to the real world tomorrow. I is sad :( Only good thing is that tomorrow is a short day of only 6 hours.

Oh well had a nice week of sleeping in and relaxing. I got to go on a girlie date with an online friend yesterday. We had sushi and then went to see Joyful Noise. It was cute! Like a church glee without the cattiness of girls. The mother daughter had a little catness but what 16 year female old doesn't? (Holy hell, in the previews the new movie with Zac Efron- WOW he grew up quite nicely!!)

I will be changing the web address really soon so you might want to update to the blogspot addy if you can.

The .me website is due to expire any day. For some reason the renew fee is going to be like $40 and that is just crazy!

I am a little nervous about my sisters upcoming nuptials. Last I knew there was a dress she liked online at David's Bridal. It wasn't shown to come in the color that she wanted though. It did say to call for details so hopefully someone did. (I don't want to overstep my boundaries in that aspect) I am the heaviest bridesmaid as you know and the dress would be "ok" on me. I found another one that I really, really like that she was ok with and it came in her color. It was a little more costly than the one she originally liked though. Her friends are all college students so $$ is important. She did tell me if I want to get that one it was fine and the girls would get the other. The maid of honor mentioned on facebook today dress shopping so I am hoping to get some answers from her on if they found anything in her colors. I am hoping she will do that popular thing now of get what you want in this color from here so I can get the one I like.

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