Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is a post brought to you by vegetables.

Why is it that I ALWAYS forget how yummy veggies are until I am dieting???

Nom, Nom, Nom

That was me eating my yummy ass dinner!!! Here is a picture of it in all of it's yummy.

It is butter sauteed yellow squash, a thick pork chop that was oven baked and smothered in onions and mushrooms that were cooked with A-1. It was a winner!! Even hubbers ate his squash like a big boy. No complaining at all even- Awwww he is all grows'ed up now. Haha

I need to try and *REMEMBER* that veggies are yummy. I picked up some carrots for an experiment that I want to try. It is a really simple idea but I am curious how it will be. We all love carrots/potatoes/onions that have been cooked with a pot roast right? I can eat a whole bowl of those pot roast juice cooked carrots. I am going to try and simply cook some carrots in beef broth and see how that turns out. Well really all cooked carrots are yummy period but I want to try this. LOL

I really do like a lot of veggies I just don't care to do all of the prep work. I luuurve roasted butternut squash but it is such a biiotch to cut up. I don't love spaghetti squash but I bought some to experiment with soon. Any suggestions? I have tried it before and didn't like it that much but I figure I will try, try again. :)

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