Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I have been curious

about what exactly all the CrossFit fuss it about.  Some of hubby's runner friends are really into it.
  In particular a couple named Nik and Dan. They actually used to do a podcast a few years ago called  4 Feet Running if you have ever heard of it.  Anyway they are participating in the CrossFit Open 13.1. Dan wrote a candid blog post explaining how it works. If you have ever been curious yourself this might be a way to get a glimpse like I did as well.

Dan Medeiros

I tried steel cut oats for the first time this afternoon. I am not sure how I feel about them.  I used the overnight method which made the texture great I thought. I added some cinnamon/pecans/banana which made them super yummy. However just 3 hours later my tummy was growling which I did not like.  

  I did reactivate my gowearfit by (type of body bugg) today just to see the numbers it was putting out. I haven't used it since March 2012.  I am a whopping 4.2 pounds lower than March 2012.  I wasn't able to walk at A's soccer practice tonight which made me sad/frustrated. B was being a total pill.

I may be moving my WI's to Thursdays.  The only reason they were Friday is because my coworker and I work together that day. I don't use the scale at work though- I use my own at home and just report in when I get to work anyway.

I am off to beddie bye land. Our mini dachshund is getting snipped tomorrow.  Did I mention it is his birthday?  LOL

I will leave you with a picture I snapped of him last week in the middle of the night last week

Spoiled little boy snuggled between TWO* blankets.  
*Hubby and I sleep with our own blankets. Umm I am a blanket hog and I will totally steal it from him if we try and share. LOL


  1. I have been CrossFitting for over a year. I love it. CrossFit is about increasing work capacity, functional movement and doing high intensity work in short amounts of time. In my gym, we start off doing some mobility work, a strength portion (squats or an olympic lift) and then a 5 - 15 minute high intensity work out that varies every day. In my many years of exercise, nothing has changed my body the way CrossFit has. Nothing has changed my views on health, fitness & food the way CrossFit has.

    Besides the workouts, the best part about CrossFit is the community. It's the kind of place where the last person to finish the work out gets the loudest cheers. I've made some awesome, life long friends through CrossFit. I've done & seen things I never thought possible.

    People will often criticize CrossFit because they say you can get hurt. You can get hurt doing anything. Don't listen to that crap. If you have good coaches (which is super important) that you can trust, you will be fine. Also, CrossFit is for any fitness level. Every single movement & lift can be scaled or modified for any person. It's much more approachable than people think.

    It's not for everybody, but I love it. If you have any other questions, hollar at my blog.


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