Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mental realignment

This afternoon I slammed my hand down on my mental horn and honked at myself till I opened my internal eyes.

::Steers car back into the right lane::

 I have been in cruising along under the speed limit but I realized today at 1 pm that my car has been veering off to the right side. A LOT. I say that as I was still in my jammies sitting in front of the computer on my day off.  Just clicking away on link after link. I could have stayed that way the whooole day (confession- I did on Thursday) but I realized that enough is enough.  I was slipping back into old habits. I stopped making an effort at moving more. I stopped getting dressed when I didn't have to leave the house.  I stopped writing awesome blog posts. Sorry if you don't feel that way but as it is MY blog. I do, and your reading this so I must entertain you on some level- even if it is train wreck level.  :P

 My eating has not suffered thankfully.  I think I am on cruise control when it comes to that actually.  I tell you, cutting out added/processed sugar has been THE BEST THING FOR ME EVER.  I have referred to sugar as a drug and it is as addictive as cocaine medical studies have found. I cannot attest to any miracle cures that it has caused (other than *way* reduced cravings) as I am one of the lucky few morbidly obese people that did/do not have pain daily.

I hopped in the shower after my wheel jerk and as I was soaping up I realized that I can finally see some loss in myself. My abdominal pannus has shrunk a little. My feet look leaner as weird as that sounds. My love handles are flattening a smidge. I have an hourglass shape so I am basically just losing a little bit everywhere.

We ran out to meet a friend of hubby's who was in town from 2 hours away and picked up some books for A. that she was getting rid of. Then to Sam's Club to stock up on more veggies and meat. Two other stops into Target and Aldi and our day was complete.  Home to cook dinner and then relax.  No exercise today other than lots of walking.  Well, a lot more than I have lately at least.


  1. Good for you! It sounds like you had one of those days where you turned a corner!

  2. I glanced at my laptop screen without focusing and somehow I thought you'd written that you'd literally steered your car and crashed it into your house...

    Imagine my relief when I rubbed my eyes, read word-for-word, and saw that it was a figurative allegory about good habits vs bad habits!

    Hands up, chin down, feet in fighting position.

  3. Leaner feet! It is so strange to me the places where I notice the weight loss -- like feet. I'm glad I'm not alone in that. :) Good job on recognizing the need to have a mental alignment.


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