Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'll take it

This weighing in thing has been weighing (har, har) heavily on my mind since mid afternoon yesterday.


Because it may or may not have been the confirmation of a possible losing pattern.  As in lose a few pounds, zero, lose a few pounds, zero. I was really worried about that happening again with a big fat goose egg. To the point that I was telling myself that I was getting a wee bit obsessive here.  My eating hasn't changed really at all as of day one.

Limited sugar/carbs/grains.

Really if it had been zero I would have lived and just felt sad about it for a few hours and then rebounded and moved on. I lost a whopping  0.4 though.  It may be under half a pound but it is a hell of a lot better than the goose egg I feared. Plus now I don't need to say "almost 19 pounds"   I can proudly say "19 pounds" if a customer asks how much I have lost. (Several of our regular customers know we are all dieting) There are 5 stores of my company in my area of FL. We have two employees per store typically. I have been working there 6.5 yrs so I know a lot of  my regulars very well.


  1. Hey girl- a loss is a loss! Good for you honey!


  2. WOOT FOR 19LBS! Yes! Nice job and well done. :D

  3. I checked out your weight loss stats on the side bar and you are really doing awesome! I think it's normal to have a good loss followed by a small one (or a goose egg). It all adds up, even the little ones!!


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