Thursday, March 28, 2013

I wonder

I have a bag of spinach that says 2 cups per serving with 3 servings per bag. Lets say I take said bag and sautee it down to about 2 cups. (probably less) Do I still have 3 servings or it is now 1? 

Yes I do wonder these things.  


  1. Unless the packaging reads ('as is' and/or 'as prepared') you can assume that the calories are for the contents of the package as they are without modification. Spinach raw has the most nutrients and most calories. Frozen spinach has less of both because the flash freeze process sucks out the nutrients thus the calories as well. Cooking them does the same things. The longer any veggie cooks, the less nutrients you're getting from it. :D

  2. That would be a moot question for me. Spinach is a leafy green and therefore free!!!! Eat up!

  3. The serving sizes reflect the food as is, in the package. Eat all the spinach you want; I chow it out of the bag like "normal" people do with chips.

  4. I look at foods in terms of grams. Unless you are in some sort of really tightly controlled carb range and or on coumadin (blood thinner)- eat up.

    That being said- I don't juice due to too many carbs for me. Sauteed and raw are my most common ways to eat leafy greens.


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