Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The two miles that almost wasn't

Today started with me sleeping in as long as I could till I had to get B from VPK.  I lurve sleep!  

After I got B we went to Target to walk around. I bought those C9 technical undies because I really, really wanted them. Shush up! I know they are not necessary for my piddly walking. I wanted them because I know that after I wear them they will not stretch out like a sail from the USS Wide Ass. These bad boys should shrink back to their normal size. I hope. I also picked up a purple technical tee. They are on sale this week and hubby has been wanting me to get a technical shirt.

 I snapped a picture of myself in the mirror at Target. I am in the size 22's so they are baggy as you see. They were clean and near me when I got out of bed.

 Little tidbit for ya here about my Target. If you start counting steps where the tile starts near the dollar spot and do the entire main loop around the store that is 546 steps. Which is right about a quarter mile 

I also picked up some more of my new love. This stuff is soooo bad for you (fake sweetener) but it totally makes me drink my water so I am using it for now.

They have it in cherry, grape, orange, and tropical punch.

I walked 3,000 steps at Target and when I got home I felt STRONG.  I felt like I could conquer anything and I wanted to exercise NOW. I impatiently waited for hubby to get home from school. I forgot it was his longer day though so I had to wait an extra 2 hours.  In those two hours I almost talked myself out of working out.  Instead I had the boys get ready and we practically ran out the door to jump in the car when hubby got home. 

I envisioned going to a certain park that has a 1/4 mile track and running that while he was with the boys on the playground (that overlooks the track) He had the better idea of another park that has lights so that if it got dark we could still be there. Original plan was the same- I would walk while he took the boys to the playground. He decided that maybe we could all walk instead. I wanted to walk by myself so they took off in front of me run/walking.  I pumped up the music and RAN?! for .10 then walked with little running spurts here and there. My original plan was for 1 mile as I have been doing. However the park has a great 2 mile loop so we did that instead. I did my first mile at a speed pace then the second one was a more leisurely one.
Mile 1
Mile 2

I paused for a few minute rest between the two so I made them into two different work outs.

Hubby and the boys kicked my ass!  They were always well ahead of me running and walking. They would stop at a fitness station while I got closer then take off again.

I kinda want to steal hubby's garmin because I think the whole path thing is so cool. He won't let me though and they cost to damn much new. He got the one he has from a running friend for really cheap because he didn't use it.  

Here is a picture of me in my new shirt showing off all of my bakery rolls.

 I set the picture from Target as my phone and computer wallpaper. I hope to remember to
 look at the picture the next time I want to eat crap.
The next time I want to snack just to snack. 
The next time I even *think* about eating 
something that I know I should not. 

I stopped with the x/xx days because it was kinda
dumb. Yes I am proud that I still am junk sugar free 
but I don't need to put that on every single post. 

Here is the both of them together. Both are from today in different clothing. Be grateful I didn't show you my lopsided love handles. I will save that for a future post. :P


  1. It's amazing what how tight clothes can make you look smaller and bigger clothes can make you look bigger. I for one cannot force myself to buy a shirt that clings to me. Maybe one day. But not yet. ((how ironic is it thought that I am willing to expose all there on my little blog-haha)) Good job on the two miles! Very nice indeed!

  2. Bakery rolls! Ha! Congrats on your run and baggier clothes! It is awesome that you are working out with your son and husband. Great motivation!


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