Saturday, March 30, 2013

What has happened to me??

I got home from a 10 hour day at work that just dragged on and on a few hours ago. I was hungry as was my hubby. Typically hubby takes care of the kids food* but he had a headache. I have two large baked chicken breasts in the fridge but I just wasn't feeling like chicken. I told hubby I wanted Subway (MMM crappy processed steak n cheese with extra veggies)  I knew that wasn't the best choice & I knew damn well I had cooked food available so I had no excuses.  Honestly the thought of Subway at the point while it sounded yum kinda made me feel guilty??  Then I had Publix subs bounce in my head. That made me feel worse guilt over the thought of the bread. (way more dense than Subway- Subway it is easy to have fluff pulled from)  I was telling my husband I didn't know what to do.

 I remembered I had frozen tilapia from Sam's Club in the freezer and I realized that I just didn't want chicken but I was OK cooking.

 I asked my four year old if he wanted fish and spinach (I know he likes spinach) and he said yes. I baked tilapia, sauteed some spinach, and nuked a mixed veggie pack and dinner was done. I had my 7 year taste a bite of fish (I didn't expect him to like it) and much to my delight he liked it. My 4 yr old kept asking me for more spinach and I had to keep giving him some off my plate. LOL  (How do people serve sauteed spinach for dinner? cook two bags?)

I don't know why the thought of bread makes me feel guilty but the 2 squares of the 86% chocolate I just had don't faze me at all. Maybe because I know this chocolate doesn't trigger me but bread might?

Just kinda talking typing out loud here.

I admit they usually eat easy kiddy food since I don't cook till they are practically in bed (pb&j /ham&cheese/grilled cheese yada yada)

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  1. That's a real success. Sometimes if a certain food doesn't sound good- it's about the type of meat- and or I'll add a great locally made pesto to fish- that makes it do-able.

    Keep practicing your good skills. Draw a circle about the bread and don't go in there. I find my food addiction lives in bread & crappy food.

    Kale and hake filets- if I'm really hungry- sounds great. If I'm not,it's the disease starting to hook into me, pulling me back.

    Great work. Keep it up. 85% chocolate- two squares does not trigger me (sugar is too low, I think).


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