Friday, March 1, 2013

My Monday and my lost marbles.

Today was my Monday.  It also was a verah, verah busy day for me and my coworker at work.   I am tiiiiired!  I didn't do a actual work out tonight.  I did however make a consious effort to get 2000 steps the last hour of work. That is a mile for me so BOOM done.  LOL  10 hours at work make a long day.

My shoulders around my neck have been sooooooo sore! Started yesterday, got worse overnight into today. I think it is my body saying FU for all the walking I have done recently. Generic aleve just isn't touching it.  I am also having some weird ass sickness going on.  Wednesday I started wheezing with my breathing.  I usually only do that when I am getting over a chest cold.  I have had no colds at all.  Yesterday I started that icky feeling in the back of your throat like you can taste the infection? Still wheezing and now a non productive cough has started.  Really weird.  I can breathe no problem though so it is ODD.  Really it is more annoying than anything.  I wouldn't be surprised if I was sore from all the coughing today.  Coworker and I were joking that I am releasing some of the fat toxins and I must have had these germs hidden in there.  Yeah we are dumb- We know.  LOL

If your blog is currently on radio silence expect to hear from me.  I don't like that- when I go silent it is BAD so I can only imagine it is the same for you.  I have only not posted 1 day in the past two months.  Even if I just say HI and goodnight.  I need you all to be on your game to help me be on my game.  I could not have been as successful as I have been without some of ya'lls blogs. Your most simple post might have saved me from a dumb mistake. You never know who your post will help. Even if it just helps you it is worth it!

Now- a funny for you

My almost 5 year old son likes fat bottom girls and boobs. I am scared. Fat bottom girls as in he looooves the Queen song. Boobs as in he points them out in pictures and points out bras in stores. Silly boy!

                          That is what 16 marbles look like.


  1. Sorry you had a long day! I know how that is... Hope your weekend goes more smoothly. :)


  2. Fat Toxins, I like the sound of that! (Real Dr Oz like )

  3. I have had this overwhelming soreness around my shoulders since I started working as a paralegal a few months ago. I'm assuming because of when it started, it's from stress. It will not go away! I mention it because I wonder if that may have something to do with your shoulder pain?

  4. Fat Bottomed Girls is a classic, you should be proud! :D

  5. I finally bought marbles and "marble holders" today! I am going to get up tomorrow, weigh myself, and get going. I hope. I am so horrible at sticking to it lately.

    Fat Bottomed Girls... It's catchy and I hate it all at once. I have a friend that does some acoustic shows. I was at one of his shows one night (this was a few years back) and he played a song that he use to dedicate to me all the time, then played Fat Bottomed Girls, and then thought to mention that he had played the song for me. Not pointing out that it was the one BEFORE Fat Bottomed Girls, mind you. Typical man-brain-fart, not at all intentional, but I am sure I turned 50 shades of red because everyone there probably thought he was singing Fat Bottomed Girls to the fat girl. Oy.


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