Thursday, February 28, 2013

60 days ago

I weighed in at 248.4 pounds.   That my friends it almost 250 POUNDS!

 The most I have ever weighed in my entire life. I had 1 pair of jeans that fit. (size 22)

On Sunday December 30th 2012 I decided that I wasn't going to spend this year morbidly obese. I decided that I would start out 2013 on a low carb diet. My grocery budget for the month was exhausted. However my father had sent a Publix gift card to us as a Christmas present and I still had that. I went to the store and purchased all kinds of yummy low carb items to get me started. I didn't want to label myself as being on Atkin's because I was not planning on sticking to under 20 carbs like induction has you doing. I planned on just cutting sugar/wheat carbs and going from there. I started eating low carb that night.

On December 31, 2012 I began my new life of making better choices and eating healthier. I am pre-diabetic so I find that low carbing works best for me and my body. I have cut out majority of sugar and a large portion of carbs. Some days I may have a little more carbs or sugar than my new normal. I am working on finding my trigger points so that I know to avoid them. Many chocolate covered strawberries the day after Valentine's Day?  TRIGGER!  I have had some bread here and there and it doesn't seem to be a trigger for me. I am still avoiding it though as I would rather fill my tummy with veggies than fluff carbs. This is my own personal way of eating so I can't give you a definite on what diet I am following other than choosing food that is healthy. For now it is working for me so I will continue on this path.

I am generally a much happier person now. I have started to exercise and don't I don't consider it a bad word anymore. I have walked a 5K and come in dead last. I am not sad by that though. I am happy because I can now say I have done a 5K. I now have a baseline time that can only get better. Just from a few days of exercise I already feel stronger in my legs. 60 days ago I tried to do a calf raise with just my own body weight of almost 250 pounds. I barely could!!  I stopped because I was afraid I would hurt myself!!!!

Last night I did them in the kitchen spontaneously and I had no fear. I felt strong and in control!

 Today, I weigh in 16 pounds lower at 232.4 (actual pic)  

Today I felt that I have come far enough that I am not ashamed to show my weight. I am finally lower than I was at start when I attempted this whole weight loss thing Sept 2009. You see I have been here before. Then my start was 239 though and I was on a prescription weight loss drug. You see how well that worked out for me huh? 


  1. 16 pounds in eight weeks is AWESOME! :)

  2. yay!! I'm happy for you!!! Keep it up!!

  3. This is awesome! What great progress! You rock!


  4. You're doing great! Keep it up! Very excited for you. And remember, even if you came in "dead last" for your 5K walk, you lapped everyone who didn't do the walk. You rock!


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