Friday, February 22, 2013

Jumping in feet first!

Yesterday the size 20 jeans that I have been wearing had a chub rub blow out in the thighs. Well I went digging and I found that second pair of size 20's that I had been missing.  If your following me then you may remember that they were the tighter pair so I was hoping to fit into them.  Wellll they are not the tighter ones. They were the looser ones. I have been wearing the tighter pair this entire time!  But of course they have a thigh rip too.  EKK!  So all I have that currently fits is the Ralph Lauren (hand me downs) that do not cut off air but I prefer to wear them a little looser.  In all my digging I had hubbers pull out all the jeans that I had stacked in the closet.  Four pairs of size 18's and six pairs of size 16. I want to fit into those 18's!!!!!   I must start moving more if I want that to happen.

  I had previously been thinking about announcing a future 5k that I wanted to participate in.  I have everything set up to do it now (March 23rd) but I will not know until last minute if I can do it.  I planned on announcing it and then working on a training plan that would force me to be on the treadmill.  Well in typical Mrs. Swan fashion I am jumping in feet first instead!  My first ever 5k will be tomorrow February 23, 2013!

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up at 6:30 am to get ready. Hubbers and the boys will be going as well.  Hubby plans on taking the boys over to the playground to play while I walk.

Now I am off to go prep for the 5k tomorrow.

Good Night!!

Oh yeah!  Today was WI day.

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the 5k! Love that you make losing your marbles a good thing!


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