Sunday, February 10, 2013

I should

be taking a shower and hopping in bed.  Instead I think I might just hop in bed.  I can throw my hair in a ponytail tomorrow. (I work alone anyway LOL)  Or maybe I will wake up early and get it done.  My sickies have turned out to be a head cold. I feel better now but I could go to bed right now so I should take advantage of that.

I am playing with the idea of doing a 3 day juice fast.  You predicted that would be in my future didn't you?  I am off Tues/Wed/Thur so I might take advantage of that.  Any of my readers ever try one?

Good night!


  1. I have tried a 3 day juice fast that lasted for just over 28 hours. Haha! So more like a 1+few hours juice fast. It was awful (for me). I was sooooo hungry and actually became dehydrated ... (yeah I don't know how that happened) In any case, I look forward to hearing about yours if you decide to do it.

    My day was crap (as you will see on my blog if you head on over) I should probably try a juice fast myself just to wash out all the sodium and crap I ate today.

    Tomorrow's a new day and today is over though, right?

    Fell better soon girl

  2. I started juicing in August and it all started with a juice fast-I now do it daily, 3 times a day. I love it, my skin has improved, more energy and of course weightloss. I crave it when I don't have it [only times I missed were when I had the flu] I do the majority in vegetables and only add fresh cranberries and grapes for some sweetness. the rest is romaine lettuce, celery, carrots, cucumbers, beet, parsley, lemon and ginger. the ocassional kale leaf.

  3. I like actual food too much to juice fast .... but I'll be cheering you on if you do it!

  4. Showers are so overrated. LOL! :)


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