Saturday, February 2, 2013

Empty jar to 1/8th full.


The above picture is pretty much all I got for ya.  I. is. pooped!  Very busy day at work and then I had to go pick up the kiddos from my in-laws.  Hubby was at some sporting event through his college that was basically homework with his major.   Not the healthiest of dinner for me but technically on plan. Not something that I plan/want to have regularly. (Fast food burger hold the bun)  I was so busy at work I never got a proper lunch so it all equals out- kinda, sorta, maybe.

Snafu at work that I have to iron out tomorrow with some major ass kissing.  Thankfully the guys seems like he is going to work with me on it.  That is a wonderful thing because it really isn't his fault. 

I may have been feeling like my 11 pounds was just blah yesterday. Today though, when I looked at the picture of the 11 marbles, I realized what a difference there was just in that.


  1. Love the marble jar, what a great visual! How fun to watch them come out of one jar and go into the loss one.

  2. That's such a great idea! Awesome losses so far!


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