Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yes- literally    POOP

Poop all in the toilet and all in the tub.

I hate my house's plumbing.   A LOT!

1 minute outside (in the dark after work) with a plumbing snake and I had the clog cleared. This happened at 2 pm but my husband is such a helpless baby sometimes so he had to wait for me.  UGH!

Toilet cleaned
Tub cleaned


(oh yeah- and my period started so I am GRUMPY)

Avoided sugar :    50/52    
Avoided simple carbs :   46/52
Avoided every other* sugar junk food:  52/52   minus chocolate covered fruit  :X
*= ,cake,cookies,ice cream, pie, pudding and the like.
Avoided regular soda: 52/52

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  1. It is one thing to have to do those things when you are alone or single or your spouse is away but that is something a man should be doing. Just sayin'. Sorry bout the poop and about your period. Good job on your no sugar/carb list. Keep goin!!


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