Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stop the rinse and repeat.

I planned on sleeping in this morning as I will not be able to Thursday when my dad is here.

The pups woke me up at 9:09am and I couldn't shut my mind off to go back to sleep.

 Especially after I read an amazing post on Norma's blog.

2012 - I was half ass trying. I finally realized my heart wasn't into it and I wasn't going to lose weight for my sister's wedding. So I stopped and then rarely blogged after that.

2011 -  I unpublished several of them as I cannot believe I posted that bullshit.

Prior to that- Well it just doesn't matter.  I lost, I gained- rinse and repeat.

It's time to break the cycle and prove to myself I can do this.  No more rinse and repeat!

The no sugar thing really helps.

Today is day 37 and life is grand. Not having massive quantities of the drug sugar in my body really does help me make better decisions. I really do not get cravings now a days. If I do it is generally for something healthy.  Instead of swinging by the grocery for (insert crap food of choice) I swing in for zucchini or whatever other veggie I am craving.


  1. getting fit and staying fit is a continuous thing. Keep it up. my wife likes to have dried banana chips on a piece of toast with a thin layer of Peanut Butter. I don't know how much sugar is actually in that, or calories, but it seems to hit her cravings.

  2. Hey girl!
    Thanks so much for the bday wishes :)

    BEST of luck to you on your journey. Sugar is an incredible "drug". when i have it in any amounts, I cannot stop! 37 days is amazing - keep it up!!


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