Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trying something new

My 2nd day off in my string of three that happens every other week.  I don't know what I planned to accomplish today but I can tell you it was more than I have. :(

At least my eating has been consistent with my activity.  Very low.  I conned hubby into heating up two chicken sausages (with his) for me. I will be slicing them and tossing them into a bowl of reheated sauteed cabbage w/ bacon.  This is the 3rd batch I have made.  While I do like it the first batch was the best. I think I might move on to sweet taters when this is gone.  Of course my problem with those (the roasted sliced ones) is that I want to eat them all.  LOL  Yes, they are veggies but no that will not help anything.

After the late lunch is eaten we will be heading out to the soccer field for A's practice tonight.  I plan on walking the field edges while they are playing.  Hubby will be in charge of B. and making sure he is being entertained. I don't know how many steps I will walk but it will be neat to see them change to points. I am trying out a free web app that you earn points from when you work out.  You can then use those points for discounts on stuff who sponsors the site or you can donate them to charity.  With the fitbit roughly 250 steps is 1 point.  It seems to take 100 points (max 60 a day) to purchase anything. (Exception of one thing on sale right now)  I figure I can try it out and see if I like it or not.  If your intrigued and want to look into it feel free to use my affiliate link    Once you earn 100 points I would get 100 points.  Obviously you don't have to use the link if you don't want to.  I won't cry.  I swear!  LOL  If you do join though please let me know so I can friend you.  :)

Off to eat!

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  1. Potatoes of any kind are OFF LIMITS for me. Be it sweet, white, russet, fried, baked, sliced, diced whatever. They are a no no no! But I do have to say sweet potatoes are a very healthy option if you can control the urge to eat em all.

    Oh and I didn't kill myself this morning doing Zumba so apparently my ankle is A-OK. Haha.


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