Saturday, February 23, 2013

My first 5k-I did it!!!!

I participated in my first ever 5k.

I was last from about 30 seconds into the race.  I was the 172 person to cross the finish line. (Psst 172 participants)  I held a steady 22.25 pace for the entire way.

 I don't think they planned on having someone being as slow as myself because they were breaking apart the course as I passed.  Hell, they even offered me a ride in on a golf cart at mile 1.  I told them no, that I was fine.  It took a lot longer to get to 1 mile than I thought it would.  Just over a mile in the finishers started passing me to the left.  Hubby's friend that ran the race was BOOM right there so I was able to waive at him as he yelled "Go realname"

Mile 2 felt a teeny bit quicker in my head. I happened to look at my hands then and did a WTF? because they were both seriously swollen.  I didn't wear any jewelry today thank goodness.  I would have had to take off any rings had I been wearing them.   Just after mile 3 hubby ran out the course the wrong way to meet me.  His friend watched the boys so he could.  We walked the last mile in together.  I ran for like the last 20 steps to cross the finish line. I immediately went pee (see below) and wow did my hands hurt.  I don't think I have ever had my hands swell- even in pregnancy.  I ran cold water on them and splashed my face also when I realized I was a dull red.

(Of course I had to pee about a quarter mile in.  LOL  I am not saying I would have been faster had I peed but I sure as hell would have felt better.)

I WILL do it again.  I will increase my speed in the future as well.

After shot- Facing the sun so my eyes are closed.  Looks at those sausage fingers!!

I hit 10k steps on the fitbit by 9:30 am!  I wanted to hit 15K so we ran around town afterwards on some errands.  I am currently sitting on 16,020 and am wide awake.  My husband on the other hand is fast asleep @@  My 150 lb marathon running husband that is.  LMAO

I tried to give blood when we were at Sam's Club.  I have always wanted to but my iron tends to run low. I finally decided to at least try.  I figured with all the leafy greens and what not I have been eating that I would be able to.  Sad to say that my iron was way to low.  I was at 10.5 and you need to be a 12.

Off to cook dinner-  Turkey taco salad here


  1. Good job! That is awesome and you inspire me to want to do one also!!! Now I just have to find a local one!

    Also, my hands always swell when I walk/jog outside. Inside on a treadmill it doesn't happen. It is a strange phenomena.

    Yay YOU! So proud of you and can't wait to hear about the next.

  2. Congratulations!!! running is my fitness of choice [along with pilates and dumb bells], somewhere along the way something magical happens and you start to love it. that's another strange phenomena!

  3. I hope to do a 5k one of these days, you did it, and that is awesome!

  4. You came in wayyyyy ahead of everyone who stayed in bed and crashed on the couch watching TV all day, Mrs. Swan. You FINISHED. May this be the first of many new adventures and accomplishments!!!

  5. Congrats on the 5K -- that freaking rocks!


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