Friday, February 8, 2013

I cheated- kinda

First thing is morning my weight was up by .4   :(

After about an hour and a visit to the potty my weight is now down by .4  :)

Therefore I stayed the same. I will take it!!! I was really worried about having to subtract a marble from my pounds lost jar.

Sitting at  -11 

Day 40 of no sugar crap which is awesome if I do say so myself!  

Now I must get ready and head into work as my Dad left 30 minutes ago.  Have to go make some money to pay for those new glasses for A.


  1. That isn't cheating. I always say I weigh after three things and always before two. I always weigh 30 minutes after getting up, after going #2 and after I completely undress. I always weigh before I eat and before I exercise. Good job. .4 is still .4!!!

  2. I love the idea of marbles in a jar. That's a great physical reminder of where your at with your goals.

  3. LOVE the marbles in a jar! I have seen it on pinterest and want to do it. Just gotta find the motivation to stay chugging along. I keep getting started then stop.


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