Sunday, February 10, 2013

Small appliance (juicing) fun!

Hubbers and I bought a new toy today.  We bought a Breville juicer.  The same one that they use in Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.  Here's the thing-a-ma-ring.  We bought it before we watched the movie.  LOL

Tonight after everyone was in bed we played.  Wewould juice something just to see how much liquid came out.  We would taste test the juice. Then pour the juice into little kids cups so we could keep the flavors separate.  Once we decided we were done we mixed all the juices together (which made an awful color) and each had a glass.  We now know that cucumber is a strong flavor!  LOL

Our mix was 1 red delicious apple, 1 cara cara orange, 1 navel orange, 1 whole cucumber, 1 red grapefruit. I am sick so my taste buds are off.  I could still taste the bite of the cucumber and the tang of the citric acid.

I have to tell you that it is SO FUN to watch the stuff go from whole to pulp in like 4 seconds!!  We felt like mad scientist making the juice concoction.  The cleaning was interesting, but not that hard. Basically a good hot rinse and swish with the brush and mild soap and it is good to go.  We will have to work something out with making the most of the counter as we have a small kitchen. Galley style to be exact if your aware of that type of set up.


  1. Juicers are awe-some! I don't have the patience and often when I am craving fresh juice I don't have any fruit/veggies to make it, but I love my juicer regardless.

    I LOL'd at your comment on my blog on my post from yesterday. I hope you didn't think that it was in any way directed at you because yours was definitely NOT one of the 5 blogs that provoked it. :D

    I very much respect your journey and your way of doing things...

  2. I have that same juicer. I only really used it a couple of times. You are right, it is fun to watch. I would like to get back to the juicing. I don't think I am down with a total juice diet though. I'm too much of a pig. :)


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