Sunday, February 24, 2013


Am I sore you ask?

 Yes I am sore.

Thanks for asking.  Last night it was my hips and thighs.  Today it was the top of my feet and my shins.  So maybe tomorrow I will be all better?  LOL

I haven't taken anything for the pain as it is that "hurts so good" pain.  The kind that tells you that you worked out your muscles well.  I am sorta amazed that my feet bottoms do not hurt at all.  Even during the 5k they never hurt.  Towards the end the bottoms were getting a little bit numb but as we all know I have never walked 3 miles at one time either so thaaat would be why.

I thought I was going to sleep well yesterday but I slept like POOP!  I couldn't fall asleep and after an hour I took a sleeping pill.  That finally knocked my ass out.

I had a HUGE feel good this morning.  Yesterday when we were gallivanting about town we ended up in Target.  Hubbers wanted me to get a sherberty orange semi fitted shirt so I could have a nice work out shirt. I thought it was to tight when I tried it on and I didn't like the color on me.  I did find some clearance yoga type pants though.  I grabbed the XL Short and figured no matter what they would fit.  It would just depend on how tightly. (All my Target yoga stuff is between XL and XXL) I picked up a clearance sports bra too but I have not tried that on yet.  Well this morning I decided to wear my new yoga pants to work.  I slid them on and they were firm in the calves but they fit me really well everywhere else.  I have never had a pair of yoga pants slide on so smoothly. I told hubby I would go buy more but on clearance they were still almost $16.

Work for 10 hours tomorrow then off for 3 days.  I cannot wait!  Nighty night yall!

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  1. woohoo! yay for yoga pants! I did a 5K too this weekend!


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