Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kale Fail

I hold kale blameless.

Recently I have been reading a blog where the blogger* eats kale just about everyday.  That made me curious as to what kale was really like. I tried to buy some Wednesday night at Publix but they were out.  Thursday I went to a different Publix and found the kale.

I decided to open the large bag of pre cut/washed kale tonight.  I planned on sauteing it in butter like I do with fresh spinach. I tried a chunk of raw kale. Very interesting.  A combo of broccoli  cabbage, and spinach to me- lots of fiber chew too.  I put half the bag in the pan to cook.  B (my 4 yr old) kept hopping around the kitchen after repeated warnings that I was cooking and he needed to vacate the room. I was looking at him and picked up my large container of sea salt and flicked the half lid open.  I then went to do a quick shake (while still looking at him) and realized that it hadn't felt quite right.  Looked down and saw this

OH FUDGE!  I opened the side that you do when you want to use a measuring spoon.  Whoops!  I might have yelled out CRAP as well.  I debated on if I would chuck it or try and save it.  I scooped out all the sea salt and kale and tossed in a strainer to rinse.  I then cooked the frozen pepper mix I had planned to use for dinner.  Thin sliced the pre-cooked pork chops I made Thursday night. Then tossed them into the peppers to heat.  Hubby's meal was the sliced pork and pepper with a side of cheesy zesty broccoli (frzn Green Giant- he loves it and it is a better side than starch for him) Mine was the same but with the kale added back into the pan.  It was still quite salty but I ate it anyway.  I figure it will make getting my water easier tomorrow.  HAH!   

* Please note the blogger is NOT a sugar coater.  Put on your big girl panties before you read her blog.  

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  1. I HATE when that happens!!! Unfortunately being klutzy and absent minded...I find it's a good thing I don't like putting salt on many things, and somehow I still manage to spill it all the time...


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