Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not feeling it

Just not feeling the blogging love tonight.

Eating was on track.  I do admit I did have some negative thoughts today though. Thoughts of why the hell should I bother?  8 weeks and I am at -12  whoop do f'ing doo!  I should just eat some of the Valentine's Day candy that a competitor's store dropped off. (We send them our turn downs LMAO)  I already had chocolate yesterday so wtf does it matter if I have it another day and so on and so on.

I finally told myself to STFU and I was just feeling like this due to the sugar yesterday.  I made sure I ate lunch so I it would be easier to not have those thoughts.  Then I told myself I cannot fail.  I cannot "forget" I am on a diet and go back to my old ways of eating.

I do enjoy healthy eating- I just have to remind myself of that    A  LOT   sometimes.


  1. Don't think of it as a diet. I know that makes me feel restricted. Just think of it as a new way of eating. You are doing good. 12 is no laughing matter. That is serious. :)

  2. Oh girl, Valentines day is the day from hell. It is full of emotion (good or bad) and candy (not a good combo) ... we can do this. You have done much better than I did. ;D

  3. I know how ya feel, I keep having to remind myself every day as well. When it comes to eating healthy I am definitely A.D.D.

  4. I used to tell myself- "It's the disease talking- obesity is trying to hook into me again". It's the addictive stuff in my hard wiring. The slippery slope voice.

    Valentines chocolate should be in the trash or never, ever an option for long term loss and maintenance- if it's on your mind the next day. Anything that has you going back, and back again- it is what it is. Addictive. The compulsive part of what got us overweight in the first place.

    I can do 85% chocolate- two squares. If I want more- It's the disease. If I eat more, I throw it out and stay off it.

    Good luck and take a tough, but effective stance about any food that makes you feel that way. Long term results demand it! My 2cents.

    Karen P.

  5. I haaate having those days!! :( I seem to be getting them a lot more lately, too. It's tough when your STARTING WEIGHT is a frigging plateau! (I know this because I've lost it before -- the unhealthy way unfortunately). To get out of those ruts I like to try new stuff, so I've been trying new recipes like crazy!! Good luck to you!!


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