Thursday, February 14, 2013

My yummy Valentine...

 to myself.

Salmon with baked sweet tater slices

I should have attempted to make that heart shaped but I just didn't care that much.  LOL

Regular chocolate did enter the house, but not my mouth.  A. brought home a goodie bag from school. I talked him into giving B. a few so that they both got Valentine's Day candy. I did have some temptation when the goody bag of candy was right next to me but I was able to ignore it. Old memories of rummaging through the kids (Halloween) candy resurfaced and it made me want to snag some for the mom tax. I resisted and had 3 SF Russel Stover coconut chocolate candies instead.

Tree work did not start today due to the rain.  I am not sure if it will tomorrow either.  Oh well, just means the money will get to stay in my account a little while longer.

I waited all day to blog and now I am not even in a blogging mood.  Whoops.

Ohhhhh wait I do have something to share.  Before my shower tonight I tried on a pair of jeans that I previously couldn't wear. They fit!  They are size 20 (Ralph Lauren- hand me downs) but cut differently than the ones I have been wearing.  When I found the 20's (both Walmart) there were two pairs.  One I could fit into and one I could not.  I was trying to find the pair that didn't fit when I found this third pair. Hopefully by the time I find the second Walmart pair they will be falling off me.

When I was in the shower I noticed that I felt smaller. Whoo hoo  When I got out I had hubby snap pictures so I could compare to the Target ones a few weeks ago.  I cannot see a difference which made me sad but then I realized that I KNOW I have lost something as that 3rd pair of jeans have not fit in like a year. They were always on the smaller size.


  1. Congrats on fitting into the jeans. I remember that feeling and it is SO wonderful. I saved my size 20 jeans as a reminder and now more than 5 years later and I haven't been back to them. You can do it!

  2. What a nice healthy Valentine :)

    Congrats on fitting in the jeans! That is an awesome feeling. You are doing great!

  3. Thats a good feeling isn't it, to be able to get in to a different size. I'm happy for you. :)


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