Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is it Monday??

I know it is Tuesday. I know this because I missed blogging yesterday.  I realized it after I was in bed and I just did a "whatever"  I figure it will all even out as there are some days I did more than one blog post.

Anyway I ask if it is Monday because my day is ::insert crashing plane sound here::

Flood last night of epic proportions for me.  Although it does explain the 4 lbs up when I haven't eaten anything wrong.  I was blaming the 5k for the weigh being high from pissed off muscles or something. (I mentioned starting last week but that was just a teaser that day apparently)

8:10 am wake up and heard my 4.5 yr old telling daddy he wet the bed (top bunk soooo annoying to change)

8:22 am a phone call from 7 yr old's school to come pick him up for pink eye.

There goes my plans of sleeping in on my day off.  MEH!

Get 7 yr old from school and while his eye looks a little puffy from rubbing there is zero pink or watering going on.  Tell the clinic lady it is allergies but I will take him home.  She then tells me that I need a DR. note to bring him back. Ugh!  I know he was uninsured as of 2 weeks ago but I hope the insurance company got their act in gear by now as I sent all the required info last week.

 Get him home and sit on hold for 17 min and get hung up on.  Call back- 10 min and get hung up on.  Call a different number and am told they are processing it and it will be another 3-5 days.  Call Ped office and it is $100 without insurance.  I am NOT paying that for allergies.  No way no how!  True pink eye?  yes   allergies? no  I call school and ask clinic lady how many day out without Dr note.  I explain to her I gave him allergy pill and he looks a million times better.  She puts me on hold and comes back saying it is up to me.  But that if he looks like there is anything wrong they will send him home again.  O.K.

I have him laying down next to me as I was hoping he would nap but that isn't happening.

I had plans today for myself.  I don't know if I will be able to do them now though.  : (  It would require an hour of treadmill time and it will just be me and the boys till like 9 pm.  It seems dad is planning on watching another movie at school for his class. Yeah for getting out of cooking but booooo for mucking up my plans.

The good news?  I am not reaching for food to soothe my irritation at life today.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know none of this is really thaaaat bad but if I was in a dark place already it would have thrown me spiraling down.

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  1. I hate days like that where it is one jab at you after another. Hopefully everything else will be smooth sailing. :)


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