Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My dad is here!!  Whoo hoo!

We went out to dinner tonight to a little hole in the wall sports bar that we love.  They have grilled chicken wings that are just so yum.  My dad really enjoyed them as well. When I was in the bathroom washing my hands I flung my hands to get the water drops off before I reached for the paper towels and my wedding rings went flying.  WHOOPS!  LOL  Thankfully they were easy to get to.  I know that the first place I lose is my fingers then my face so that is a good sign for me. I know my weight might not be the best this week as tonight was salt and tomorrow will be more salt. I will have more control over the salt tomorrow though as it will be soy sauce.  I think you can figure out where we will be  Haha.

I sucked down quite a bit of liquid today especially with the wings so I am hoping that will counteract the salt.

The boys are loving the extra attention they are getting from grumpy grandpa. (His choice on the name LOL) B spent quite a while tonight sitting in his lap looking at pictures with him on his computer.  B is my little social butterfly while A is my quiet, shy one.

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