Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Full belly of yummy food.

Full of REAL food!

BBQ'ed pork chops that were leftover from Monday and fresh sauteed cabbage with bacon (for me) frozen zesty broccoli and cheese (for hubby)

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day but you will find no chocolate being brought into this house.  If I get desperate I have an 85% cocoa bar up in the top cabinet.  Who would have ever imagined that chocolate would have lasted in my house? :)

I love that I am in the low carb sweet spot and able to just not give a flying fig about sweets.
We went to Publix tonight and Valentine's Day treats were abound. It was easy look at all the sweets without imagining the flavor of the fake chocolate or the fried fatty dough.  Cutting out sugar was like stopping a drug addiction.  I have never felt better mentally!  I no longer feel sad (except when I try and live on juice LOL)  Basically I am my own happy pill.  Sure, I get frustrated with the kids or hubby but I no longer automatically reach for shit. Yes shit-  I never reached for an orange or apple.  I reached for candy/cookies/chips.

I wanted to get the kids something small like a chocolate heart or something but I forgot. Whoops- Oh well, they don't need anything anyway.

B. doesn't have VPK tomorrow so he will be up my tuckus all day.  The tree is scheduled to have the cutting start tomorrow.  It will be a two day affair.  

Will you be avoiding sugar tomorrow?   I will be

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  1. I thought about attempting to give up sugar, but I don't know if I want to. I probably eat less than most, but I probably could use a reduction in my intake, that is for sure. I don't anticipate any additional candy for Valentines day. Nobody loves me like that. :) m


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