Thursday, March 7, 2013

Over 11K steps

2.55 miles of walking around Target this afternoon.
.66 of a mile walking around a trail at the college. I planned on a full mile but I just did not like the pathway. I am on a quest to find what type of material I prefer to walk on. The 2 miles the other night were half rough sand and half aphalt. I didn't like the sand part as I was afraid of twisting an ankle while running. I mean lets face it- I am over 200 pounds running on two little (sz 7) feet. The slightest miss step could really hurt me. 
.80 of a mile with just regular walking around
.80 of a mile on a second trip to Target. (Had to go back into town to get A's glasses fixed that he somehow kneeled!? on he says @@)

3K more steps and I can get my first reward with (affiliate link) I am going to get a $10 off gift card with  I plan on getting the yellow one below (in orange) and personalizing it with some kick ass-ness. Exactly what kick ass-ness? I don't know yet.  I know it is 4 lines  20 char 23 char 23 char 20 char.  So I will have to work on what I want to put there.  

My weight this morning was the same as last Thursday.  I am terrified that will mean no loss for tomorrow. That will make me an extremely sad swan. I put in a lot of walking today and I hope that helps me out. I kinda forgot to eat lunch (hand slap)  I wasn't hungry and I was on the go, go, go! Dinner was sauteed cabbage (no bacon this time) with the last of the pork loin chops and an avocado. I forgot I bought some the other day and all 3 are ripe NOW. Whoops! I will be adding one to a salad tomorrow for lunch for sure. 
So I kinda sorta did a bad thing Tuesday night.  I like hubby's garmin a lot. He used to have a larger one that he liked but it just kinda stopped holding a charge.  Well I went to ebay and found the same type, gently used and it was at a awesome price that ended in 4 minutes. Umm I kinda bid on it- I won.  Whoops!  Hubby was happy with the deal I got. We figure that there will always been one available now to whoever wants to use one. 

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