Sunday, March 24, 2013

What a wonky day.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post we did a bit of running around. This morning when I was getting ready to go to work I. could. not. find. my. wallet. I started with the OMG increased frantic movement searching. Finally I had to leave as I was going to be late. Yelled to hubby before I left for work I couldn't find my wallet and please look for it.  Got to work and tried to call the last store to see if it was left in cart. (Aldi) You may or may not know Aldi doesn't have public phone numbers. I did google up a number that several sites said belonged to that store.  No answer upon calling- I tried off and on all day.  I even rang twice and hung up and called back just in case there was some employee code. (Don't lie, you know your parents used that signal with you growing up when you were home alone) Checked the bank account and credit card account which were normal.

Called hubby who said he would look for it.  10 minutes later I called him back to check in another spot and his phone just rang.  For over two hours he wouldn't answer the phone.  I was PISSED thinking he went back to sleep with the kids up.  I was frantic thinking about my wallet being lost and felt trapped at work. I couldn't just close the store to drive 14 miles away to check.  I was crying a few times in my panic and of course customers walked in.  Ugh. They were concerned and I told them it was nothing huge, just mentally panicking over my wallet missing.  I felt like an IDIOT telling them that was why I was upset but what can ya do.  Finally got a hold of hubby who said his phone was dead.  GRRRRRRRR  Made him go up to Aldi to check with them. They had nothing and he could see nothing in any of the carts.  Siiiiigh.  Ran out the door at 4pm when I closed and come home to search some more. Started going slower and double checking every where.  Moved a bag of pretzels laying on the dining room table and angels sung. Thank goodness!!

I was finally able to relax and let go of all the internal stress from the missing wallet.  Came to read blogs and read Sarah's post today titled Sunday Success. I verbally said "F U" to her and got up off my ass to go use the treadmill.  35 minutes later I left her a comment saying with utmost blogger love I say FU.  It barely makes sense I see as she has published it.  LOL  That is what  happens when you plop and comment.

Now to go figure out what meat for dinner.  I didn't eat much today as I was freaking out over the wallet.


  1. I loved it! You get me! Lol I heart you! Good girl

  2. A long time ago, I was checked for my ID. Before we left, I couldn't find my ID and swore the waitress had forgotten to give it back to me. I had to go through the whole thing of getting a new one. When the new one finally arrived in the mail, I went to put it in the little window pocket of my wallet and found my old ID. It had slipped behind the material instead of in front of it. I still feel guilty about blaming the waitress. Thankfully, the blame was mostly in my head and later to my husband and not to the actual innocent waitress.


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