Monday, March 25, 2013

Moving on

Today started out as a good day.

 Then something small got blown up at work and it just snowballed down hill.  Guess who was at the bottom of that hill?  Guess who came up with the idea but didn't make the phone calls to share with other locations. Lets just say a certain boss lady wasn't happy with my idea and made it very well known when she called to chew me out. As I told her I am partially responsible as I came up with the idea but I didn't do the sharing.  Oh this vague blogging sucks so I will just share the full story.

  Job ordered 5000 flyers.  1000 per store in my area.  We are to fold into 3rds, tape, hand label with our return address only (no biz name) and the mailing address. Then we are to flip them over and write something like "Hope to see you soon! Mrs Swan and coworker on the outside to hide the business name that can be seen through the paper.  Yeah-  on 1000 flyers. While doing normal duties and helping customers.  AFTER we folded all of ours I was like MAN! We could have written the return address (only) all pretty and photocopied it on them all.  Just the return address mind you. Well it was thought to be brilliant by someone else and they called a few stores to share.  Turns out two stores did that to a chunk of flyers. Someone at another store didn't like it and started something and the ball mentioned above started rolling.

 I have to tell you my handwriting looks like asshole. If you got something in the mail that I addressed and you didn't know it was from a friend you would throw it away.

I do write better with a chisel point marker though I know so I may try and pick up a fine pointed one over the next few days.  These days will be fun as my 7 yr old is on spring break. I am so looking forward to the not having to get up at 6:30 AM to drag his little butt out of bed.

I am off the next three days and I am happy, happy, happy!

Good night!


  1. Bummer! Hopefully you weren't chewed out too badly as it seems like a harmless (and good) idea. And yay for spring break!


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