Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Forward

As we all know spring forward took effect Sunday AM.  Today has been my first day off since then therefore it is my personal spring forward.

I slept in till I woke up naturally at 9:17am.  Then I fiddled around on the computer surfing blogs for quite a while. Picked up B from VPK and naturally headed to Target (wha? it's a mile away from the VPK) I needed to walk out my foot soreness- yeah, yeah thats it!  Walked around the store some and picked up a few small food stuffs. I found a bowl type dial scale food scale on clearance that I debated with myself about. Hubby has mentioned wanting one but I told him we had one. He has told me before if we do he cannot find it. I thought about the fact that although I may be eating within my personal goals (low carb/ high protein) that I am sure my portions are to large. I really have no idea the amount of calories that I eat in a day. Hubby has been after me for a while to track just to see what it says. But to accurately track you have to weigh your food I would think. Sooo it made it into my cart. 

I ate a late lunch when I got home of something that fits into my plan buuuuut I am not quite proud of. At about 7pm I decided that I HAD to get some movement in but I didn't want to use the treadmill or go outside. Enter Leslie Sansone- I knew some of her videos were on youtube so I googled up a 2 mile walk
I used the heart rate monitor on the Garmin 110 but I haven't DL'ed the info yet. I went in planning on the whole two miles. At mile one I stopped for a min and was like dude I don't want to do this I am DONE. But then I saw there were only 17 minutes left and I figured I got this.  After my walk I went straight into dinner prep. I had lots of potentials to make but no plan. After a brief discussion with hubby, Greek salads were chosen. I chose this opportunity to play with measuring everything.  After dinner I logged it all into one site but then ended up transferring it all to myfitnesspal.  My user name is theswaninme if you want to look me up.

I ordered my ID band with 4 lines of motivation. I am going to wait to share them until I physically have the band though. I used my earndit $10 GC AND I googled up a code for 15% off so that was pretty sweet.


  1. I love MyFitnessPal, BUT I came across the fact that my gym, Anytime Fitness, has a site---and it rocks! So I think I'm switching over there for a little while to see how it goes. We'll see.... May be back to MFP soon.


  2. I love MFP! I am Chris1020... I have a $10 earndit for and ID band too, I keep meaning to order one. a 15% off coupon would be good too, I'll have to try to find it.


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