Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last day of summer

Today was the last day of summer and boy has it flown by!!!

I just got home from spending a few day down south with my mommy.  My job has locations all over central FL and they needed help at one two hours south.  The store happens to be 10 miles away from my mom so I went and ran away from home with no kids/hubby.  :)  I worked that store two day while having my mom spoil me rotten.  When I went back to my store on Friday  I told them I wanted to go back to my mom's.  LOL

I have been neglecting blogging big time.  I feel like I have no alone computer time anymore which is when I did typically blog.  My laptop must be plugged in at all times or it dies.  The battery is 100% fried. So I must stay in one spot or have to move the couch to get the cord and yada yada yada.  Well recently my lappy has been having issues which make be very unhappy.  I grabbed a outlet one yesterday with a coupon and it should be here Thursday.  My computer is my lifeline.  I hope to start blogging more once I can actually go to the bedroom for quiet time.

Both the boys start school tomorrow.  A into 2nd grade and B into VPK.  I officially have two school age children.  WHahahahahahah!!!!!   Husband starts college up again himself tomorrow.  I bad I work- That would be a lovely day to SLEEEEEP in a quiet house.  :)

A quarter of my garage is flooded.  Had the washer repair guys scheduled but I will be cancelling them now. I managed to find the problem on my own.  When I first noticed the water I did some troubleshooting but couldn't find anything.  Today I noticed the A/C closet was leaking water.  (oh joy!) and I was feeling frustrated and went out to look at the washer again.  As I sat there stewing I noticed a water drip.  I was able to follow it and thought there was a tiny tear in the rubber water line.  I turned off the water and went to loosen the pipe and noticed that there was a little bit of water seepage at the spigot.  I tightened it and dried it all off.  A few hours later and it is still all dry.  YEAH!!!!!!!   One crisis averted.  I decided to take another look at the A/C.  Yeah,  I have no hope of figuring out that one.  LOL  I did however manage to find the dripping point and have a plastic pitcher there to catch the water.  I tried all the trouble shooting I know.  The drain pipe seem to be together pretty well and I am afraid to wrench them apart.  One thing to deal with a water line but another to mess with a 3K appliance that can electrocute me.

My dad actually prodded me to write.  I find that weird because I didn't even know he read my blog.  So I have my mom and my dad as readers.  WEIRD!!!!    LOL

EDIT::  I got brave and decided to tackle the A/C again.  I KNOW the drain pipe should come off the A/C at the base of the unit.  I couldn't find the proper tools to get it off so I went with the little plug next to it.  Holy deluge of water flow!!  The drain pan was most definitely full.  I got half  if it out.  There is a little wall that is keeping some in though. I am wishing I had a turkey baster right about now. LOL  I will work on it more after work.  At least I know where the water is coming from now.  I have hope I can get it figured out and fixed at some point.

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  1. It's too bad we don't live closer ... Tom is the go-to HVAC guy here at the hotel and would have you fixed up in a jiffy (or two)!


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