Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I really want to vent about something that is annoying me but I cannot.  :(

Even though this is my little slice of the internet I still have readers that know me in real life.  All I am going to say about it is this.  Why is it that the people that make their own problems get bailed out and rewarded??  While the ones that try and do everything properly and not cause problems get nada.  Are we jealous?  yes.   Can we help our feelings? no.  While in theory we agree with the choices and support them it just feels not fair.  But then again- No one ever said life was fair. ::shrug::  So time will march on and hopefully now that I half ass vented I can release some of these annoyed feelings.

I am not sure when I will return to the bloggy world.  I feel like I barely have any time as it is.  All three boys are back in school and then me with my FT job.  A. is in soccer now which is now taking up all of my Saturdays off with his games.  All of our sitcoms are back on TV that we both enjoy.  Lots of dumb little stuff but it makes the days feel so tight with trying to do everything you want to.  Of course I am a procrastinator so I am sure if I was not stuff wouldn't feel so rushed.  LOL

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