Thursday, November 8, 2012


So it seems this blog has turned from a weight loss blog into a complaint blog.  GRRRRR  I dislike that but I just don't give a flying fig about my weight right now.  I know that is the wrong attitude to have but it is what it is. Right now going to work, paying bills, and functioning is my priority. Usually I can put a lid on the simmering pot that is my stress level.  Lately it has been boiling over.  Sunday afternoon the damn lid flew across the room when I got home from work and saw the "presents" (@@) that were waiting for me to clean.  It took me a while of stomping and storming to myself to find the lid to put it back on the pot.  Right now this second it is quietly simmering but I know the littlest thing could cause a boil.  I am off today and trying to suck up all the relaxing thoughts I can.

Technically I HAVE to go to Publix.  Normally I love the grocery store- especially when I have money to spend. However at work yesterday some kind of sickness attacked me and I just want to sleep. I have some coupons for free stuff that expire today so I HAVE to go. If I am lucky I might be able to snag a quick nap when hubby gets home from school.  Depends on his mood and mine.

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