Monday, November 5, 2012

Any 2nd grade teachers out there?

7 am wake up call from A's teacher. He got all E's on his report card from her but she still wanted a parent teacher conference and had her negative comments still. (unorganized, not on task, blah blah) I left her a message Friday saying how frustrating it is for her to give him E's yet still put down negative stuff. 

It seems the problem is his handwriting (I know she doesn't like- she fore
ver dings him on it.) and his actual writing. As in writing a paper or writing the daily sentences that they do. They get 2 sentences a day and then are tested on 3 of them on Friday. The answers are given to them (which 3 will be chosen) and his scores on that jump around a lot.

Other then sitting him down to write sentences (which would be 100% pure torture to him) I don't have the slightest idea how to fix this. Any suggestions?


  1. Definitely not a 2nd grade teacher, here, but I wanted to suggest writing prompts and a writing desk just for little A. Maybe if he had a special, little desk ALL his own, with neat writing things (cool pens/pencils in a neat cup holder, different kinds of papers, his own super special writing journal, etc.) maybe he'd feel like a special little author or something. He could sit down there and do a fun writing prompt in his super special writing journal each night. He can get a new writing prompt each day and then share it with you when he's done (you can find 'em all over the Internet...I just did a quick look for you on Pinterest, but the kids are begging me for attention and I wanted to get this reply in quick). The more practice he gets and the less pressure he feels about doing it 100% perfectly, the more he'll want to write and the better he'll get.

    Also, Jude practices something at school called "handwriting without tears," and it's working like a gem. It's pressure-free and J-man is doing really well. He makes a mistake and he learns from it and doesn't do it again. Check out their stuff at:

    I hope you guys are all having a better day. Hang in there, kitten!

    1. Thank you Chubby! Your the only person to offer answer other than writing sentences. LOL I found the without tears website with the help of google and printed some stuff the other day when I was freaking out. I ended up having to go to work due to my coworker's son having a fever on Monday so I couldn't work with him. DH worked with him on his writing and apparently he can write decent. He is just rushing which is what is making it so messy. (umm I do the same thing though haha)


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