Monday, December 31, 2012

Helllllooooo 2013

We all know January 1st is going to bring a new round of people into this big old bloggy world.  I am getting my blogging booty back in gear myself.  I am NOT promising to working out at this point.  I am however promising to watch my food intake.  As of yesterday- Sunday the 30th (minus that iced coffee from DD that I had left from Sat. night) I have started.   Again.  No excuses and no apologies. Today will be my first whole day and I plan on weighing in.  I may or may not share as it is embarassing.  My mom,dad, and aunt all read this soooooo I don't know if I will admit.

I  planned out some food for me to eat this first week.  Keeping it simple and lower in carbs.  I am a sugar addict and the low carbing helps me break the addiction and keeps me from craving sweets. 

Tonight I will be at my brother's house for a small gathering.  I am taking one of two things so that I will have something I can eat for sure.  Either buffalo chicken dip or that cream cheese/cocktail sauce (yes, I know this has sugar)/shrimp dip. Sliced celery sticks for me instead of crackers.

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