Thursday, May 10, 2012

Early Mommy's Day baby for meeee

6 weeks
7 weeks

8 weeks sleeping on Mommy 
Look at those eyes!  They are about 4 colors swirled around almost like marble.  I wonder if they will stay that way.

Snuggling with mommy in mei tei baby sling.

Meet Mr. Kiwi

Isn't he friggen ADORABLE?  He is such a calm little sweetie pie baby.  He is a 8 week old mini dachshund.  His dad is 9lbs and his mommy about 11-12 lbs not nursing.  Today was his first day in our home and he is doing great.  Our other pups are fine with him but they do love all other doggies.  Of course he keeps freaking out Maggie.  He is thinking she is his mommy and looking for num-nums.  She is like WTF!?  Jumping away from him. LMAO  She has been fixed since she was 8 weeks old so she has no idea what he is trying to do to her.


  1. So adorable!!! Aura was fixed when she was just a little pup, too, so also gets confused when another dog expects her to act like a girl ;)

  2. That pup is adorable!! I want one!!


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