Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stress lock down

I am quite sure that you noticed I am no longer blogging regularly.

When I get super stressed I completely shut down.  I just want to live in my own little bubble and stay to myself. No one wants to share the negatives about their lives.

 Due to some unexpected expenses (tooth pull for hubby and new tires for his car) we are completely tapped out.  I am doing that whole rob Peter to pay Paul and it sucks.  However the bills are getting paid (except that niggly little car payment- it will just have to run a month behind for now)  and there is plenty of food in the house.

All the other bills are on time so at least there is a roof and lights.  I should call for a mortgage modification but I hate the idea of opening that can of worms.  Plus I know that BOA runs all that stuff through a call center and you have to jump through so many hoops that causes a whole new kind of stress. (I fax people's paperwork doing modifications at work regularly)  Our property insurance doubled last year which cased the escrow to be short so they jumped the payments by $90 a month this year.  Realllly sucks!  Then my job had a massive amount of theft in our SC stores so now we all have to pay the price for that.  Hours being cut and shaved off to help get money together for forensic accountants and a legal team.  (I work in the financial industry but for a small Pop place.  We have 14 locations through out Central FL and  South Carolina)  

That is the story of my life lately and why my blog has been silent if you were wondering.


  1. Sorry to hear things are so rough and stressful for you right now. When things are tight financially, it can make everything so much harder.

    Hope things resolve soon.

  2. Hey...take my word for this one. DO NOT do the mod with BOA. It took from September through February, phone calls every single freaking week, for them to drop the payment $100. If you can make sure the mortgage is paid you'd be better off trying to cut that minute amount of savings from elsewhere in your budget. BOA sucks, but they suck even worse for modifications.

  3. I feel your stress in so many ways... A lot of people are in the same sucky boat lately. Hang in there (easier said than done, I know).


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