Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's always nice to be blogging with your phone and head under the covers. Not!

B (2.5 yrs old) is not digging this thunderstorm we are currently having. He woke up screaming and shaking so now he is snuggled up with me. Hence the undercover blogging. It's always fun trying to explain the ites, noooise, and wha-wer as being a thunderstorm to a 2 year old. Lol

Still doing well on the eating front. I am having more cheaty type thoughts but so far I am resisting. I want to keep being able to say that for a long time because once I start it will be a downward hill for me. Sugar is not my friend and I want to keep staying away from it because it is a mean thing to deal with as an addiction.

Wonder if I can sleep with baby snores in my ear?
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  1. Last night I got the snores AND the kicks. Luckily once I moved the sleeping boy into his room he stayed there til it was time to wake up this morning but I think I've probably got some 4 year old foot shaped black and blues on my back now!

  2. I just wrote a post about being in the "honeymoon" phase of weight loss, sounds like you may be in the same place with your "cheaty" thoughts. I've been having them too and so far have done okay! As long as I don't totally go overboard with restrictions I can usually avoid a binge. I hope you're doing the same (or similar!)


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