Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today was a day I was a little worried about. First I have to say that I did lose and the side chat was updated on Tuesday. :) Hope to add to that lower number by this coming Tuesday. I am sure you want to know why I was worried huh?

We had a birthday party to attend today for the boys cousin who turned 5. Thankfully I had a plan of action in mind that actually WORKED!! We hit Perkin's before the party so that I could eat a meal that I could control. Just like they (WW and other weigh loss places) suggest with holiday parties and what not. That eating before hand really helped. I was able to eat food that fit into my game plan and not be tempted by crap at the party. The boys ate a real meal and didn't just snack on chips like they usually would. This particular cousin has lost over 80 lbs so she does keep the sweets to a minimum. Birthday cupcakes where the only dessert offered. I did have a finger tip of frosting - a dab, not a finger swoop. It was SWWEEEETTTT! LOL Hopefully that doesn't send me into a craving tailspin tomorrow.

I did leave the party totally wanting the cookies that we had in the truck for the boys from their Perkin's kids meals. They are really cool but I will not tell you as not to cause a craving. hehe We ended up picking up something for dinner to distract me from my craving and I didn't want to cook.

Hubby has been eating yummy ice cream in front of me the past few nights and thats just NOT COOL! I just made me a chocolate protein smoothie to hopefully quench that ice cream want. It does not taste bad at all but it is still hard to sell myself that it is a chocolate ice cream shake. :)


  1. I am SO proud of you!!! Super-duper-uber proud :)

  2. Hi, thanks for the follow :)
    Good luck on your journey, I know you can do it!

  3. birthday parties are the worst, and with two boys in school it seems like once a month I'm dragging them to one and worrying about not only what I eat but what they eat, if we're between meals I have them eat an apple before we leave, it helps cut down on the sugar they consume, we also say no to any leftovers, I always feel bad but none of us need that stuff afterwords no matter how good a job the mom did on it. Its great that your able to keep motivated even while your husband isn't being helpful, keep up the good work!

  4. My take on special birthday parties, they're a part of life and my life will not be without a cupcake. My therapist said something to me that really stuck, and maybe it can help you...

    If it's a friend/loved one etc. special occasion and cake is part of the celebration, why shouldn't you participate? These things don't happen frequently (unless you attend tons of these types of parties, which we never really did, just the occasional party) and, really, is your life going to be without cake (mine will not be, I don't want it to be either). Then she said "if your colleague on the floor down from you that you kind of know, but not really, is having a baby shower, then yes, that's an occasion that you could easily skip the indulgence, but when it is somebody so close to you and you want to celebrate with them you should". I really liked that way of thinking. Doing what you did, although I know you're really proud of yourself, and you should be, would cause me to totally binge.

    Dr. Phil also told a story in his book "The Ultimate Weight Solutions" about one of his patients that was trying to lose weight but loved ice cream. She was so depressed because she felt she "couldn't" have ice cream. He made her promise to have a scoop of ice cream once a week and she was surprised that she still lost weight. It's because one scoop of ice cream (or one cupcake, or one brownie, or candy bar, one little bag of chips) isn't the whole bucket of ice cream. It's a normal, healthy, wonderful thing that can be enjoyed and by not cutting it out, you don't feel you're deprived and you don't feel the need to binge later.

    I have learned the hard way not to cut anything out of my life. Everything in moderation. yeah, I probably won't be eating fries anymore, and I"m okay with that because I don't necessarily like fries or crave them, but cake, yeah, my life will not be without cake. I'm trying not only to lsoe wiehgt, but make changes that I can stick with for the rest of my life and that just will not be without cake (or ice cream) Will yours?


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