Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Updated WI's

I could not figure out why I have had two comments telling me how good I was doing recently. I was totally flabbergasted and just figuring peoplee skimmed my blog. Then I realized what was causing the comments. My WI's that I had posted on the side were for 2009 & 2010. I haven't owned up to my weight in months and months. I have admitted gains but didn't update the weigh in's at all. My birthday in July 2010 was the last real update and it isn't accurate as I ended up gaining more than that even. :( Siiiiigh... It is done and over with though and I cannot turn back time. All I can do is march on and get myself back down to where I was and lower. I wiped all the numbers out and am starting over.

I have had an excellent week and will continue on this same path. I have cut sugar out along with most other starches. Trying to get more movement in which will only benefit me more in the long run. Tuesday is my new weigh in day so look for updates then. With our new schedule with *the gazelle attending school I will have every Tuesday off.

*the gazelle is hubby- a nickname a girlfriend of mine gave my hubby as he is a active runner


  1. Onwards & upwards, babycakes! Or ... downwards, actually ...

  2. That's the nice thing about every day - a fresh start. Go for it and soon you'll be gazelling along too.

  3. These two profound bloggers totally said what I was going to say!
    So that makes three!
    It's all good!
    We can start over at any given time on any given day.
    In a way, we already are starting over!
    Cuz each moment is only "now."
    That's why it's all good.


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