Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our zoo +1

When I was a child I always wanted lots and lots of pets. I did have pets as a kid but they were all caged pets.  At one point there was a cat but she was given away shortly after we got her as we moved. I never had a dog growing up. (There were some when I was itty bitty in pictures but I would have been about 4 so I don't count that) Hubby's family has always had dogs. When we bought our house and got married I had a parrot and 2 cats. We then added a dog-Monty.  Then a few months later we adopted another dog-Maggie. Those four were our "kids" for a few years. Then we added the kids. Hah! The parrot and the kitties have crossed over to the bridge.

As you know we now have four dogs (Kiwi and his mom are the additions) You also know about the turtles/guppies/snakes. We had my brother's cat for a period of time last year. He went home a few months ago.  

The night of the wedding we stopped at Petco for fish for the turtles. 

While we were there hubby and the kids wandered off. Next thing I know they are back and telling me about this cat. They are all excited as the cat is named Mr. Monty. I agree to visit with the cat to see the personality. I was shocked that it walked right up to my 5 yr old for loving. He is the terror that most animals smaller than him run from (Kiwi and Autumn) Mr Monty was friendly/sweet and from the same shelter Monty and Maggie are from. He is also declawed, so indoor only. 

We brought him home and he has made the play room his home. He isn't terrified of the dogs but he isn't BFF's with them either. Kiwi and Autumn are to barky for him. He is slowly exploring the rest of the house though like we wanted him to. I had him in the bedroom with me for a while tonight till I had to kick him out. He was all up in my kool-aid and I wanted space. 

 3 yrs old. Siamese mix (face shape and blue eyed) 

I planned on making this a short post that I was still trucking along but once I realized this picture was good I had to post it. Then I had to explain it.  :)


  1. Yeah, I got 3 dogs. I can relate. ;)

  2. I love cats and dogs but hubby doesn't care for cats ... so we've had dogs. Just one at the moment ... tiny but a terror sometimes. Lol

  3. I love cats, but I hate the litter box. Our house just doesn't have a good place to put it. So, we are now dog people. I love visiting people with cats that let me pet them. :) Congratulations on the new member to your family! How cool that Mr. Monty isn't too shy to ask your little one for some snuggles. :)

  4. What a cutie! Good luck with your zoo :D

  5. He looks cute, for a cat. I'm not a cat sorta person at all. Gimme a cute dog any day. Has he settled in now?

  6. I love that you are creating for yourself some of the things (pets) you didn't get to have in your childhood. I do the same thing. I give myself the gifts I always wanted. I like that! Pretty cat!


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