Thursday, May 8, 2014


That would be the current color of my hair. I finally used a dye kit that has been sitting around forever it feels like. It is a wash out in 28 washing type ones so I am not trapped into the color forever. It is so much darker than my natural color so it will take a lot of getting used to.

B had a little girl skip him in like today when they left the library. He got mad and kicked her in the leg twice. He got sent to the Asst. Principal's office and I got a call. He is now suspended from school for tomorrow.

There was a sub today and I have no doubt the day would have gone differently if his teacher had been there. I left the teacher a detailed message from B's point of view after I spoke to him when he got home. We had dropped all seeking of a ADHD innatentive eval as he had improved so much. (His teacher also changed the way she was treating him and started giving him more attention in little ways that she could. Like he doesn't walk in line when with her. He walks in the back holding her hand- small things that she said helps him so much) Lately he has been backsliding some. We identified what has changed in the last few weeks and are going to go back to what we were doing to see if that helps. The Asst. Principal was strongly urging me to take him for eval but with 17 days of school left I am not stressing about it.

So B is coming to work with me tomorrow for an hour then Mama is picking him up for a few hours till daddy can pick him up. Daddy volunteers at the hospital and has been picking up lots of hours lately as he needs them by a deadline to apply for a 2 year program.

I don't think I ever updated you all in bloggy land because I was originally against the idea but after much discussion and making sure he is serious I have come around. My husband has decided to change his major to nursing. He graduates with a AA in Allied Health tomorrow. Next step is taking one class in the fall then applying and hopefully getting into the Nursing Program that starts in Jan 2015.


  1. I hope tomorrow goes well for you and your son. I don't quite understand what "skip him in like" means?

  2. Good news for your man!

    Yeah, kicking other kids is not cool, but suspension? Pretty harsh move from the school. Hope B has a better day today and that you can get this straightened out.

    For the hair dye, I also use a semi-permanent a couple of times a year. Clairol Natural Instincts doesn,t damage my hair like permanent dye does.


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