Monday, August 11, 2014

Cliff Notes of the last two weeks.

I keep meaning to sit down and write a real post but time just slips away. So here is the cliff notes version so that you are up to date on this story I call life.

I meal prepped HM meatballs, scotch eggs, raw sugar snap peas, and baked cubed sweet taters. I put them in the cute ziplock containers I bought for the boys last year. Started back on track July 31st, 2014 as I had blogged about last.

I went two days of being good.  That flew out the window on the third day. That damn washing machine crapping out just pushed me down even though it happened a few days prior. (Excuse)

Went out to dinner with my brother and family Saturday. Then my parents came up to visit for a few hours on Monday and took us out to dinner.

Tuesday, August 5th we joined the YMCA. We were approved for a scholarship based on my income so while it is extra money out each month it is less than a tank of gas. 

I haven't been yet because I have been wanting to use the pool and it has rained here every time I could have gone. The pool is heated which is awesome but it is outdoors. Hubby and the kids have gone several times so far. This past Friday I got home from work early around 5 pm and they were already at the YMCA.  I didn't want to drive up there as it was thundering and that meant no pool. (totally not bluffing about the thunderstorms/rain lately) It was lovely to come home to a quiet house though. I sat and did nothing for an hour then the want of movement struck me.  I planned on doing 10 min. on recumbent bike but ended up with 25. 

Three day weekend for me so we did the shopping and some cleaning Saturday. I re-started with the good girl eating. 

The part for the washer came in Friday but I figured we would just run one last load with it rigged. Umm yeah. HUGE MISTAKE!!!!  The problem was the lid switch failed. I had a piece of metal picture wire closing the contact making the washer think the lid was closed and all was well.  I had been checking on it a few times a cycle while it was being used rigged. Turns out that was the best thing ever as I walked out into the garage to a burning plastic smell. I immediately unplugged the washer and checked. Holy shit! You can see for yourself. The vibration unwound a thread of the picture wire which turned it into a red hot heating element.

After I found this I was freaking out. Never mind the fact that had I not caught it, the house could have potentially burned down. I caused this by trying to run that one last load. I had the damn replacement part!!

I goggled thinking maybe I could replace the wires/connector- Um No such luck. You have to replace the entire set which would be double what I paid for the used washer to being with.

So then the freak out commences of what the hell am I going to do with no washer. Thankfully I have family close that would let us use theirs but ugh I did not want to deal with that.  I don't know why not having a washer or dryer makes me feel helpless but it so does. I lie- I do know why it freaks me out. I am spoiled. I did not reach for food oddly enough.

However after I calmed a little I did finally start dinner for the next night which is why I was in the kitchen and what made me check the washer. So yeah for planning to make this recipe.  I made Anna's Slow Cooker Kalua Pig pulled pork  which cooks for 16-20 hours which is why I started it Saturday.
You know the  named Anna from her blog An Evolution in Mind, Body, and Spirit. right? She just hit 100 lbs down in just under a year. If you don't know her then go visit her. Leigh from Poonaplooza was a big inspiration for her and she too used the Dr. Poon diet for her weigh loss.

By Sunday I was much calmer about the whole thing. Just grateful that it didn't do more damage than it did. Rained almost all day and the YMCA is only open for a few hours on Sunday so we just had a lazy day. I ended up on the recumbent bike for another 25 minutes. Today (Monday) the kids and I went and bought a new (used) washer. I was thinking either playground or YMCA afterwards but of course RAIN. It didn't really matter anyway though as they were able to get the new washer delivered right away so we had to go home and wait for them.

I did however stay on track again today AND got 30 minutes of recumbent bike today. Now that you are all caught up I am going to bed.  Good night!


  1. Anna is a rock star and so are you:-) Great job today darlin:-)xx

  2. I'm kinda all over the page. Loads of rain here. Oh, and the oven isn't working. Roasting vegetables in the toaster oven = spontaneous combustion. My house didn't burn down either, but I think the dogs need therapy! :-O

  3. What a couple of weeks youi've had! Count yourself fortunate as to have caught that fire in time! My neighbour's dryer went up in smoke last month and destroyed their laundry room and they have smoke and water damage also in the rest of the house from the fire crews putting out the blaze.
    That's a sweet deal you have on the Y membership. I'm jealous! There is no Y near my place.
    Glad you had a good day of tracking and exercise. Keep going!

  4. Wow, that is scarey. Glad you caught it in time and no house damage. Good job on the bike, I hope the rain clears up so you get your chance to play in the pool.

  5. I dread my washing machine dying on me. It has flooded our house a couple of times, but touch wood... it's not died yet. I hope you can get your's either fixed or replaced soon.


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