Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Insert large sigh here

Well yesterday was a bad day for me as you know from yesterdays frustrated post. I ended up hanging on till hubby got home from school. Then I opened my X-mas M&M's from my stocking and poured out about two servings. (serving is 1/4 cup and I used a bowl that only does 1/2 cup) I went into our dark bedroom, locked the door, and snuggled up in bed enjoying my M&M's. I ate them very slowly and counted them. I ended up being ok to stop after 10. :) I was really shocked and happy that I was able to stop then. A ended up opening the door with his "special tool" he told me about (got to figure out what it is and where he hides it) and let B in. There went my peace and quiet. siiiiggghhhh

I made the mistake of bring the little bowl out with me to the LR so I mindlessly ate the rest of the bowl. @@ Whoops! I really had been jonesing for Panera but I really didn't want to drive into town or spend the money. So I ended up digging out some frozen shrimp and making something up. It was yummy! Then I had a few more M&M's to make sure I had them out of my system. Heh

Anyway today the M&M's are put away (out of sight out of mind) and it's back on plan for me.

Amazingly enough the scale actually showed a loss today! If only today had been WI day. LOL

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