Saturday, November 5, 2011

Anyone still out there?

Sooooo is anyone still out there? If so please comment so I can follow you if I am not already. I have been cleaning out my google reader list the last few days here and there. I wonder how many have cleaned me out?

Probably most of you (except chubby, you still comment sometimes lol) time to relax into lala land that sleep brings. I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Here I am trying to end this when I realize I need to tell u about my day. A & B & I went to the park for a lil while. Then off to Chick-fil-a for a late lunch and more play time for them. Daddy came to town and met us for the last 30 min of a free block party a church we drive past all the time. My in-laws pastor's hubby is the pastor at this church so hubby knew a few people there due to this. I avoid church (plus I work most Sundays) but hub has been taking the kids lately and they enjoy it. It is a good way to get our 3 yr old B interacting more with other kids.

Ok. Now night night


  1. Nope. I'm not still here. Or there. Right now I'm not much of anywhere :P

  2. Im here....but I'm new to your do I count?
    I should like to follow along. I've been on this diet since New Years Eve and its hard just keeping on going but I felt it would be harder not keeping on going so I'm still at it. Still hoping, dreaming of reaching goal sometime.
    One day at a time, we just have to keep on going and keep on encouraging each other. What other choice is there!
    I shall follow along now


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