Monday, February 8, 2016

5 wks or less remaining

Yeah no follow up to the GD post.  I have it and I am dealing with it best I can. My numbers are not where they want them to be and I am on a night time pill of Glyburide to help my fasting numbers in morning but it really isn't doing much. I am seeing a specialist of course and they are just wanting me to keep my numbers in the same ranges. As they said since I am so far along they don't want to do anything drastic and just keep me trucking along provided baby is well, and she is.

At my appt last Monday she was 5.5 lbs and has a full head of hair they say. They gave me some pictures but umm she looks kinda like slimer in them.

He name has been finalized. We are not sharing at this point though because we are going to hear a lot of crap I predict. It is not a common name by any means. Google says only 21 people in the US have this name. Hahah   If anything it will just be a birth certificate name and she will go by a short version of the name.

Off to work on more stuff.  My day off and I am doing things bit by bit while I can. My dad will be in town in a few days and I am mega uncomfortable at this point of pregnancy AND still working 40 hours.  Not cool but the bills still gotta get paid.

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