Sunday, October 29, 2023

One month later


A whopping one month later since my last post, everything is still the same in my life. πŸ˜‚

I did have my second test in Elementary Statistics and got a 100% which I was shocked by. I literally pulled my head back in shock when the computer told me my score because I was expecting something in the nineties. The professor does something really cool with this test. It was the chapter about odds as far as what are the chances you will roll a 3 on a 6-sided die. He had a cup with 9 blue marbles and 1 white one. You have a 1/10 chance of getting the white one. After the test he had you put your hand in and grab a marble. If anyone gets the white one they get a 100% on the test no matter what they scored. He said the majority of the time the ones that get the white marble already have a good score.  I did not get the white marble, but I am not complaining as I didn't need it anyway. 

Let see, updates... Still fat...still tired...still in an I just don't care too much mode.  I am living in survival mode basically. I am not sure if I will even exit this zone, to be honest. I had a paper due yesterday for US History since 1877. I started it so late because at this point I am kind of checked out of school. Plus I have had this teacher before and this class is so much easier in my opinion than the last one I took with her. I took it because I didn't need Spanish as my HS credits carried over. I didn't realize at the time that the class was technically an elective or I never would have chosen it. US History to 1877. That class was way more difficult to take. 

I am still undecided on the next step. As to if I want to continue schooling or just be done. I have been looking around at various schools looking into the prices. There is no one subject that interests me to do a deep dive in with a Bachelor's degree. If I went the education route it is be really hard to find inexpensive rates as most places only have Elementary Education things and I want secondary. 

Ok off to work on my math homework. We're getting into the more complicated stuff so I have to make sure I understand it. 

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