Saturday, April 13, 2024

It's a no

I had an interview for the position I really wanted on April 1st. On April 2nd I was called to the principal's office to be told I did not get the position. They bothered to send an assistant principal to take over the class I was subbing in to get this news. I thought I was going in for a second interview. Then I had to go back and spend 4 more periods trying not to cry. I found out at lunchtime who got the position. Any guesses?

 It turns out the person I mentioned in my last post who was thinking about applying did indeed get the position. I was CRUSHED on Tuesday. I finally understood what it felt like when people would use the word GUTTED.  By Wednesday I was feeling a bit better.  I am totally fine with it now. Even if I wasn't there isn't anything I can do about it. They have not announced her getting the position as they are trying to fill her position first. Mighty convenient that her position was posted that exact night. School systems are notorious for running slow.  I don't think I ever even had a chance. If only I knew that beforehand.  So now I have lots of decisions to make. Soul searching and all that jazz.  I did at least find out I can be in my current position till May of 2025. So I have plenty of time to see what opens and hopefully find something even better. 

I have two papers to write this weekend. It is official Sunday as it is after midnight. I have 90% of one paper written and like 1% of the second. Basically, I have the footer modified from what the template says. 

Off to bed! The second paper is about UDL principles and writing a grant based on a previous assignment we did. Basically, I have to make up a fake museum display that can be made inclusive and write a grant requesting funds to make this display possible. 

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